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4 extractions

3 old crown removals

3 surgical extractions

2 dental implants

11 root canals

1 post & core treatment

16 crowns

and related other stuff

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is a sprawling megalopolis of 20.5 million. I spent 3 weeks there in Sept, 2015 undergoing dental work. I had been to India before for two weeks back in 2006 as one in a group tour that did not include Mumbai on the itinerary.  This was a very different situation.

In between appointments and/or recovering from dental procedures I took a lot of pictures in Mumbai’s western and southern sectors. Nearby Elephanta Island and the 2 days in Aurangabad visiting the spectacular Ajanta & Ellora caves are compiled separately, not in this presentation.


In October, 2019 I returned to the dentist in Mumbai for bridge work.  During my visit in 2015 I had explored the city and also north in Maharashta a couple days to visit world heritage sites there. This time, though, there was no surgery involved and I was scheduled to be there barely a week. I did not take any initiative to explore the city as I was in one of those been-there-done-that frames of mind and I really wanted to relax. Mostly I spent the week pacing Juhu Beach, an easy few minutes walk from my hotel, to one end and then to the other and back again, over and over, and along the parallel vicinity, a relatively small world.  Altogether, it was a pleasant enough experience; not bad for a visit to the dentist -and I was delighted to have a new bridge.

interior of the beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

beach-combing souvenirs

-mainly residue from a recent Ganesha festival